In November last year, Savy came to Queenstown for a New Zealand first pilot of on-demand ridesharing.

This pilot project concluded on 31 October 2018 and we thank all our customers for their patronage.

 Savy is really pleased with how the technology worked and how our customers used the service. There have been many positive learnings. Over the pilot period there were over 30,000 rides made by almost 10,000 people.

For customer’s information, whilst the service may have stopped on Wednesday night, your Savy profile and all personal and financial information will be held on our systems until 31 December 2018. This timeframe will allow us to process any queries which might arise from rides charged to your credit card etc. Following this date we will not be able to process any claims as all this data will be deleted. 

Whilst the pilot may have concluded in Queenstown, there are investigations and trials occurring in other parts of the country. In November 2018 there will be an on-demand ridesharing trial starting in Auckland on the Devonport Peninsula, which the team behind Savy are involved in.  In Canterbury, the Regional Council are also very keen to explore on-demand ridesharing, with a feasibility study in Timaru due to commence soon. 

Again, we thank our customers for their support of Savy over the past 12 months.